Product range

Dedicated Organisation
It is our objective to be the unique link between reseller and manufacturer. To accomplish this, we aim to serve customers with product availability, competitive pricing as well as the best possible solutions and services that will enable positive business development and increase sales and services towards partners.

To support this, we have a strong organsation that matches our categories and have both category managers, product managers and product assistants as well as Product Sales Specialists to support you in reaching wide and deep into the market.

Widest & Deepest Assortment
We are proud distribution partners for HP, Logitech, Artline, Canon, Belkin, Brother, Samsung, Mousetrapper, Epson, Herma, Xerox, Esselte, Kyocera, PNY, Dbramante, 3M, Steppie and many more. In fact, we have secured more than 90 distribution agreements, which provide our customers with an extensive and comprehensive range of IT products, IT consumables and office products in stock.

Regular Assortment Reviews
We are frequently reviewing our assortment to fit the needs of our customer base, and we retire products and introduce both new lines and brands on a regular basis. Where applicable within our individual ranges, we also maintain a set of ‘good, better, best’ options.


Logistical services

Nordic Coverage
From the warehouses in Denmark and Sweden, we provide logistical services to our business partners in the Nordic region. We have 11,000+ SKU’s available for next day delivery to support businesses within the IT supplies & Office products verticals.

Quality in Every Delivery
High quality in our many daily shipments is of utmost importance to us – and a great benefit to you. We have multiple checks and controls in place, and have recently implemented a new WMS system. With a consistent 99 % quality output on stock keeping units, you can fully rely on our logistical services. For our customers and end-users convenience, we offer late order cut-off times for e-commerce orders, so we can deliver within the next business-day.

Drop-shipment & Packaging Services
Stockless dealers benefit from our drop-shipping services. By using the Despec drop-shipping solution, we will secure that logos will be visible on the address label and delivery note as if the shipment was sent by our resellers. We also offer customised packaging and labelling capabilities for individual requirements. For special requirements in product or shipment parameters, we can offer a total package including blistering, labeling, bulk-break, special shipments etc.



Commercial support

Account Management in SMB
We aim for long term relationships and put great effort in being present in the SMB market in the Nordic region. SMB Customers at Despec will be appointed a Despec account manager, who is easily accessible and will be responsible for the growth and strength of our cooperation. Despec account management is available for securing, optimising and developing our joint business in terms of assortment, price structure, terms of delivery etc. All of our account managers are fully qualified to supply their customers with relevant market information, product news and campaigns.

Product Sales Specialists (PSS)
Despec PSS can supply you with detailed information about specific product categories, assist you during customer cases and be your direct link to resellers. PSS can also execute product trainings for your sales staff on location as they have special insight in upcoming products and trends for optimising your assortment.

Marketing Support
Our marketing team can assist you with relevant marketing materials and campaign support.
Your customised Despec marketing package can be distributor led, or channeled through local resellers and will contain some or all of the following elements:

  • eDM
  • Banner on website
  • Campaigns
  • Focus days
  • Channel marketing
  • Advertisements
  • Events


IT Services 

MPS Programmes
MPS is the future of our cloud- and service oriented economy – and we have a full palette of services to match. We offer our own solutions and support solutions from leading manufacturers as well.

Our own solution, Prisume, - is marketed in all Nordic countries. It provides full functionality on a mature, leading technology platform, a web portal to administrate customers and printers, and a transaction based fee structure where you only pay as you go.

Webshop with Unique Features
As a reflection of our strategy to invest in intelligent IT services, the Despec webshop was recently given a functional update and a new responsive design. We now have new features as faceted search, explicit BID pricing, IP lockout, support for mobile, online returns handling as well as our usual functionalities; own user admin, multiple shopping baskets, invoice and order history, campaign overview, own item IDs, own assortment – and our Ink & Toner guide.

Despec supports all types of integration – from fixed format CSV files in emails through traditional EDI messaging to highly adaptable real-time web services. We have a 3rd party consultancy to support our tactical integration operations and use the latest version of Microsoft BizTalk and other tools to facilitate a myriad of connections with business partners and customers alike.



Financial services

BID Pricing - Administration & Management
Much of the business of today is based on BID pricing. Despec also supports and handles the BID business so that both supplier and reseller can market products to attractive price levels towards specific segments and leave the administration part to Despec.

Comprehensive Credit Facilitation
We support you with credit lines, claims processes and general payment/payee terms in accordance with our joint risk assessment and individual needs.

E-Invoicing & Bookkeeping Support
We are always available for personalized support, and can both resend documents, facilitate order releases or check balances on your account on request.