Despec & the environment

Despec cares about the environment and participates actively in society's efforts to destroy IT supplies in a safe and sustainable manner.

Environmental Programs at Despec

elretur (DK)
Despec is a member of this private association of manufacturers and distributors which is in charge of collecting and handling the vast majority of electric waste in Denmark.

El-Kretsen (SE)
Despec has also joined El-Kretsen – a collection system which is designed to ensure an efficient and eco-friendly handling of electronics and batteries in Sweden.

As a distributor of electrical items, Despec collects WEEE charge on these products. The amount is statutory, and it is used to cover the cost of collecting and processing waste products.

By being connected to the REPA, Despec takes responsibility for the recycling of packaging made of plastic, metal, paper/cardboard and corrugated cardboard.

REACH ME EU chemicals legislation
Despec’s suppliers comply with all requirements around handling of chemicals.





All the leading printer manufacturers have an environmental program for their ink and toner. The programs are addressing both general consumers and corporate users - private and public.

The programs help to reduce the volume of empty toners and inkjet cartridges that are thrown away. 

Therefore, it is important that you buy original supplies and get your customers to use our manufacturers' environmental programs.