Environment & Sustainability

Despec is a distributor of IT and office products with focus on five major product categories;
IT consumables & paper, IT accessories, Ergonomics, Printers & office machines and Office products. 

We want to offer our customers products with a sustainable environmental thinking that will meet their expectations of us as a partner. At Despec, we strive to reduce our negative environmental impact by offering sustainable alternatives in product range and transportation, optimizing resource use, recycling and reducing waste. Despec works to develop the business so that it meets customer needs in a more sustainable way.

Sustainability work is an integral and natural part of our business and we strive to constantly improve and continuously evaluate our sustainability and environmental work.





Our environmental policy
We strive for sustainable development

The environmental work at Despec will contribute to increasing our awareness of the impact we have, protecting the environment and preventing pollution. Environmental work is continuously evaluated and must be constantly improved and communicated to employees. Despec complies with all applicable environmental legislation, directives and regulations that the company is affected by.

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Our sustainability policy
We aim to develop in a sustainable way

At Despec, we strive for sustainable development, where consideration of both our environmental and social impact is a prerequisite for long-term economic growth. Sustainability work must be included as an integral and natural part of the companys operations, which must be constantly improved and continuously evaluated.

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