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Despec Nordic Holding A/S acquired by Systeam

Dear Partner,

On Monday the 4th of June 2018 the IT distributor Systeam, operating in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, signed an agreement to acquire Despec Nordic Holding A/S.

For us at Despec, this is cause for celebration – and we believe that it will be of positive value for you, our customer, as well.

In Systeam we have found a new owner that, like us, is family owned and operated, who share the same values and who operate with business processes similar to Despec. Like us, Systeam is a Dedicated Specialist – with most of their business generated from IT Print and supplies.

Systeam have many years of experience and a top 3 position in the German market.  Besides most of their business originating from IT Print and supplies, Systeam also offers a broad range of other IT products.

We have active vendor contracts in both parties that are interesting for our respective markets, and we look forward to gaining synergies in our relationships with brands and vendors to the benefit of our product range and its overall breadth and depth.

We both (Systeam and Despec) envision that our combined strengths will complement each other and bring you further advantages from dealing with a specialised distributor within IT and Office products.

It is also important to underline that in all respects this is an agreement that concerns change in ownership for the Nordic Holding company, and as such the Despec brand and all subsidiaries in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden will continue as is. All contracts, terms, processes and pricing will continue with your local sales company on a ‘business as usual’ basis. We will continue to support your business to the best of our capability.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact your local sales representative, call us, or email me at

Thank you for your continued business support.

Michael Voll,
Managing Director, Despec Nordic

New channel solution from Despec – the Nordic supplies specialist
Prisume – now launched in the Nordic countries

PRISUME is an online reseller solution, cloud based and networked service that automates the total process of end-customers ink & toner orders - before the printers run dry.

“We have worked on this solution for more than a year together with EuroForm, and we’re very excited to present this fully automated solution to our customers”, says Michael Voll, CEO of Despec Nordic.  “We wanted to build a multi-vendor solution for the channel in respect of the 2nd tier resellers, enabling traditional transaction-based print and supplies dealers to offer a real and simple, automated service model, for their end-customers.  The structure of the business model should respect the various channel players, from vendor via distributor and reseller to the ultimate end-customer with the actual printer, it should be simple and it should be fully automated – and we have managed just that.”

In short “Supplies as a Service” – but with the nature and economical flow as a transaction based model.  No subscription fees and the printer won’t generate costs unless it actually prints.

For the reseller, it’s a nice automated service that can be offered to current and new end-customers, and it will secure the future supplies orders. PRISUME offers the reseller full transparency and allows the reseller to manage the pricing at his own full discretion.

Learn more about PRISUME: /dk/se/no/fi/is