Available jobs

We are always looking for new talents who are passionate about their skills, and wants to make a difference in Despec.

If that is you, please visit our local websites to find available jobs, and if you still haven’t found a job matching your profile right now, feel free to send us an unsolicited application. If we find a match between you and a potential job, we will get in touch with you.

We have HR departments in Denmark and in Sweden, from where we serve the Nordic countries.



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E-mail: hr@despec.dk


Working at Despec

Despec is a company with a story. A story beginning in 1992 which tells us why we are still successful in what we do. We believe that is because we continually explore new opportunities in the markets and has the courage to pursue them. This approach will continue to make us adaptable, flexible and dynamic as a company.

Talent Management is an evolving process for us. As your employer, we do whatever we can to attract new talents to our company. And when you are onboard, we do our best to create a healthy environment for you to grow and to make a difference in your job. From your first day, we aim to care for our people.

If you consider becoming a part of Despec, we expect you are passionate about what you do, and you give it your best. We believe that kind of attitude is leading Despec towards our shared vision. A vision about always going the extra mile to make sure we deliver the best possible services and solutions to our customers and suppliers in order for them to achieve their full potential.

We believe this is what makes us a preferred Nordic distributor of IT and office accessories.




"Despec is a pleasant company and my colleagues are a central part of that. We are strong, we trust each other, we strive in the same direction, and we have fun working together. Here we put the team first."

Ulf Gustensson,
Nordic Product Manager



"Despec has this small business-mentality even though we are a big player in the market. There is a lot of laugh and humor within the walls, but also a high work mentality that I really enjoy. Despec has given me a lot of trust and belief within my area of expertise, making me grow as a contributor to the Despec spirit and as a human."

Daniel Sunneson,
BID & Price 




"I think that the best part about Despec is our constant development regarding new product groups. Furthermore, I have great colleagues, which means that we can help all of our customers with their requests. Finally, I appreciate my customers, who treat me well when I travel around Norway."

Håvard Husrem,
Account Manager



"The freedom and trust, which we are given to evolve ourselves and implement new ideas makes the everyday life very exiting. Each day we strive towards doing the best for our customers and thereby also the best for Despec."

Marita Hvitstein,
Customer Support