Specialist in ergonomic solutions for all computer workstations

We have a wide range of BakkerElkhuizen products, like ergonomic mice and keyboards, laptop- and tablet stands, document holders, monitor arms and footrests.

BakkerElkhuizen was established in 1994 as an ergonomic research and consultancy firm. Owing to a lack of available practical solutions for ergonomically fitting out computer workstations at that time, BakkerElkhuizen decided to develop such products themselves.

The current product range comprises a core of unique BakkerElkhuizen products, supplemented with the best products of other top brands, such as: DXT and Oyster mouse. Most of BakkerElkhuizens own products have been patented and have won awards for their ergonomic excellence and design.

For the development of our products and the putting together of our product portfolio, we assume 4 workstation concepts: fixed, mobile, flex and home workstations.

In cooperation with Despec as BakkerElkhuizens Nordic distribution partner, we are assured of a consistent stock availability with a guaranteed, fast and high quality delivery throughout the whole Nordic region.