We believe in "the power of the image"

- the power to communicate quickly and easily, to uncover undertones, to show the strongest emotions and to simplify the most complex tasks.


"Kyosei" - which in Japanese means living and working together for the common good - is the focal point of all Canon's activities.

When Canon invent solutions to their customers, the aim is to improve everyday life - both in relation to office workflow and private consumers’ needs for innovative photography and printing solutions. And we always do it with respect for the surrounding environment.

Canon Europe is a subsidiary of Canon Inc., a leading global provider of imaging and information technology solutions to businesses and individuals. Solutions that optimize knowledge sharing, improves communication and makes life more colorful for millions of people worldwide.

Below you will get an overview of the three available categories at Despec.



No matter the need, you will find a wide selection of printers from Canon. Canon offers inkjet & laser printers for the SOHO market up to the larger department models. In the category, you also find MegaTank printers and professional photo printers, with their unique features and advantages.


Use Canon supplies to ensure high performance and uncompromising quality in every print. Combining your Canon printer with Canon supplies will give the advantage of reliable and uniform print.


Get Canon handheld calculators for the office. The design of the calculators combine simplicity, style and function. More than 50 % of the calculators are made of recycled product material from Canon.