For more than 100 years Esselte has developed functional, modern and efficient products for the office. Originally, Esselte was a group of Swedish printing houses named SLT. Today, Esselte is a global brand and one of the many brands, owned by Acco Brands. The core value of the brand is to make life easier for people working in offices. Today, Esselte is one of Europes most trusted brands within binders and other products for organizing.

All of Esselte's products are designet with simplicity and functionality in mind. For this reason, the innovative office products are alway useful and relevant. The eye for detail means that everything is well-thought focusing on the user of the products.

Today, consumers are more and more looking for products, which are durable, of good quality, nice design and sustainable. Esselte products have all these qualities. The products are made from a belief that the everyday shold be efficient - and Esselte delivers everything for the office, one can dream of!In our assortment of Esselte products you can find binders, writing pads, recycle bins, folders and much more.

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Binders and panorama binders

Archive boxes and storage boxes

Foldes and covers


Various folders

Folders for offers, 3-clap, projects, sorting and work.

Hanging folders

Registers and tabs


Clips, desk mates etc.


Boards and accessories

Clipboards, flipovers and accessories.

Computer accessories

Mouse pads, hand wrist support, cleaning etc.

Molded plastic

Letter trays, magazine collectors, pen holders, recycle bins etc.