Use an ergonomic mouse!

With a standard mouse, the wrist is fully turned, i.e. the palm faces downwards. This is not a natural posture. When you place your wrist in the ‘handshake grip’ position, it has assumed a neutral posture. This is easier to maintain and is, at the same time, more pleasant. And the more comfortable you are sitting in front of your computer, the more productive you are.


Evoluent portfolio


The Evoluent3 vertical mouse is part
of the Evoluent family and has already
proven its great features.


A vertical mouse which will support
you to work healthy, comfortable
and productive.

Evoluent C

Supports your hand in an upright
neutral posture that eliminates
forearm twisting.

Evoluent D

With the Evoluent D vertical mouse
you experience ergonomics and
comfort at a higher level.


We help you choose!

There are several ergonomic mice that increase the comfort of mouse use. In addition, all of the species below lower the pronation, wrist extension and ulnar deviation to a greater or lesser extent. We explain four types of ergonomic mice: vertical, central, precision and special mice.



Get five years of guarantee for free!

Our products are of high quality, which means that they last a long time in daily use. A big advantage is that our customers do not have to replace our products often, which means less impact on our environment. If a part is broken, we often have spare-parts in stock and it can be easily replaced. We’re so convinced of the quality of our products that we’ve decided to change our guarantee policy from the legal, obligated, guarantee (2 years) to:

 Non-elektronic products:    Standard 5 years, lifelong guarantee after registration
 Elektronic products:    Standard 3 years, 5 years of guarantee after registration


30 years of experience!

Experience cannot be bought, that is growing steadily. BakkerElkhuizen now has more than 30 years of experience in the field of ergonomics, workplace design and HR software.

Sharing knowledge

We think it is important to share our knowledge about ergonomics. Our knowledge is openly available online and you can attend various webinars.

Personal advice!

Every computer user is different or has different wishes. That is why you will always receive tailor-made advice from our specialists. Just because you deserve it.