Floortex, leading provider of chair mats in Europe, has been established in 2001 in the UK. Its unrivalled range of chair mats and floor protection products offers the enduring quality to safeguard every floor, chair, and doorway, keeping high traffic areas cleaner and safer, for longer.

Offering an unrivalled range of products with exceptional quality

The company manufactures chair mats and floor protection products within its own plant located in Belfast: the warranty of high quality products! The production facility is powered by up to 30% renewable energy through wind turbine power as part of its environmentally responsible approach to business.

Since 2002, Floortex has been at the forefront of innovation in the manufacture and marketing of floor protection products. Offering an unrivalled range of products with exceptional quality, Floortex products provide unquestionable value and commitment to customer service.

Reasons to choose Floortex:

  • As the leading surface protection mat manufacturer, Floortex is responsible for innovations including the introduction of polycarbonate chair mats and the inclusion of technology such as anti-microbial and anti static to its chair mat ranges.

  • As a responsible manufacturer, Floortex uses renewable energy during the manufacture of its chair mats, includes recycled plastic content where possible, and ensures that its chair mat products are recyclable.

  • Floortex chair mats are rigorously tested to ensure strength and durability to protect carpets and hard floors from wear and damage.

  • In addition to protecting floors, chair mats provide an easy-glide surface with ergonomic benefits to the user.