GBC specializes in producing high performing machines for laminating and binding

GBC’s products are designed for the busy people working in offices – people with many deadlines, who need to deliver flawless and professional results time and time again. The aim is for everyone to be able to use GBC’s modern and functional machines – whether at school, at the office or at home. For this reason, the machines are reliable and user friendly.

GBC is constantly innovating its products. In fact, GBC is the world’s oldest laminating brand, which time and time again has revolutionized the way people laminate. Among others, the brand was first movers when introducing a laminating machine, which only needed a minute to heat up and could laminate faster than any other machine.

GBC has yet again revolutionized laminating with the automatic laminating machine “Foton 30” – the first full automatic laminating machines, which doesn’t use laminating pouches.









Manual laminating

Automatic laminating

At Despec, we offer a wide selection of GBC’s manual laminating machines and pouches. Common to them all is the short matter of time, which is needed to heat up. Furthermore, they are easy to use. Choose between machines for the office, for multiple users or for professional laminating.

Foton 30 is the world’s first full automatic laminating machine. The machine has a revolutionary cassette system, which has made laminating pouches redundant. The machine can take 30 sheets at a time and laminates automatic – the perfect machines for people, who laminate a lot.


CombBind binding

CombBind binding is one of the most user-friendly binding systems on the market. The machines simplify the process and deliver a professional result. The binding makes it possible to remove or add documents to the binding. 

Wire binding

Binding machines for large and small assignments. The machine is designed to prevent that documents can be changed afterwards. The machines give a nice and stylish finish to the final result. Can be used with GBC’s metal wires.

Thermal binding

A thermal binding machine from GBC makes it easy to handle larger documents. The machine can take in up to 400 sheets. The machines are perfect for those, who use binding a lot.


Print Your own signs

You now have the opportunity to print your own signs. Choose among a large number of icons - see the entire selection here. Add text, print and laminate.