Hombli is a Dutch brand that’s all about creating an effortless smart home experience for everyone. They believe that turning a home into a smart home should be easy and low entry. Therefore, each of their products can easily be installed, controlled and automated. Whether you just want smart lights or a fully automated smart home, it’s easily done with Hombli.

Hombli is a user-friendly and affordable way to make your home smarter, you just need a smartphone and WiFi network. All Hombli products can be directly paired with your home WiFi network with their mobile app, without needing extra accessories like a hub or bridge.

Hombli is looking to boost peoples’ well-being at home on a social, mental and physical level. Through products focused on health and creating a relaxing atmosphere, home becomes the perfect place to unwind after a busy day.

Full Control With the Hombli App

With Hombli Smart Life app, you can remotely control your smart home devices from anywhere in the world on your iOS or Android smartphone. The mobile app lets you easily set up scenes and automations for your smart devices, appliances or your whole smart home.

Powered By Tuya

All Hombli products are powered by Tuya Smart, the leading IoT platform in the world. This means that products and mobile app benefit from a highly secure and reliable cloud service and are compatible with any smart home brand that supports Tuya.