Document shredders - destroy confidential documents reliably and easily.


Data protection? Important for everyone. And much easier than you would expect!

Every day we deal with various documents with personal or operational content: whether printed e-mails, letters, invoices, receipts, tax documents, CD‘s / DVD‘s or even expired debit or credit cards. These confidential documents are often carelessly thrown in the trash.

But be careful!
Confidential documents are not intended for others. Pay attention to what ends up in the trash and protect your sensitive information! Also monitor what happens to your discarded data CD‘s and DVD‘s. These information carriers should also be professionally destroyed and never be put into the trash without being destroyed!

You can‘t go wrong with safety!
Data protection can be easy: HSM offers you document shredders that carefully and reliably take care of your safety tasks. For maximum protection against data misuse.

Despec, the premium partner in Scandinavia, is selling HSM Document shredders.

HSM Shredstar

Document shredders for the home or small office.

HSM Pure

Document shredders for professionals.

Much easier than you would expect: Data protection with HSM!

Be informed and find the right document shredder for your demand!