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Everything you need in office products and machines for the office and on the go!

Leitz is one of the leading brands within high quality office supplies. The company's focus has always been on developing and designing products, which contribute to making the everyday life easier.

Leitz’s story began in 1871 in Germany, where Louis Leitz founded the company. From the beginning design, functionality and development was at the center. Even today, the German heritage is present in Leitz's products, which are created for continuous functionality.

Leitz is constantly searching for new ways of optimizing their products - focusing on making the everyday life a little easier for their consumers. The design is intelligent, modern, individual and focused on mobility - a perfect choice for the modern consumer.

The products as well as the company has developed a lot since 1871. Today, Leitz is a part of Acco Group - a world player within office products. The products are innovative and functional - and with a wide assortment there is something for every taste!

Leitz stands for durabel, useful design products such as Leitz WOW, Leitz iLAM
and Leitz IQ for the modern work place.

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The assortment includes pads, staplers, storage boxes, briefcases, office machines, writing pads and much more.
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