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Leitz is a modern brand with a long history. For more than 140 years, we have delivered innovation with modern, and not least functional products. Today, you can get everything from mailboxes to air purifiers from the Leitz brand for the office and home office. Get inspired, get new ideas and learn more about all the many opportunities you get with Leitz. 




Work from Home with Leitz Cosy

With the Leitz Cosy series, you get everything you need for your home office, from mouse and laptop riser to storage in folders and boxes to ergonomic solutions.


Leitz IQ shredding

Leitz IQ gives you easy shredding solutions in the office, home office and home. Shred from 3 sheets to 600 sheets with a shredder from Leitz.


Leitz iLAM lamination

Get everything from children's drawing to diploma
laminated with a laminator from Leitz iLAM.


Leitz TruSen air purifier

Leitz TruSens air purifiers give you clean air in your home and office whether it is 40m2 or 340m2, we have the right solution for you.


Leitz Cutting Machines

Leitz cutting machines and roller cutters cut your papers, photos, cardboard, etc. Safe and accurate, with straight inserts.


Leitz office supplies

With more than 1000 items, Leitz has everything you need for the office, from files and staplers to travel mugs and wall clocks.