Mousetrapper - the wellness mouse

Mousetrapper is a Swedish innovation! An ergonomic mouse that can prevent repetitive strain injuries.
For 25 years, Mousetrapper has developed smart solutions that help people fight the pain.

Why use a Mousetrapper?

Mousetrapper is an ergonomic alternative to a traditional mouse, which prevents repetitive strain injuries and other problems, which can occur when you’re working by the computer.

The Mousetrapper is positioned centrally in front of the keyboard, which encourages an ergomomically healthy position. This helps you avoid strain injuries, and relieve pain if it already has occured. The Mousetrapper also eliminates the need to stretch your arm to reach for the mouse, as you do with a conventional mouse. The wide, cushioned wrist supports also relieve strain on your neck, shoulders, arms and wrist.

About Mousetrapper

Mousetrapper has been developing ergonomic pointing devices for more than 25 years. Since the beginning, the products have been designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden. Mousetrapper’s mission is to fight the pain – they don’t want anyone to feel pain due to an incorrect position with the mouse.

The Mousetrapper feeling and MT Keys

By placing your index, middle and ring fingers on the control pad, you can control the cursor with simple movements. The control pad moves smoothly in two dimensions, and has both click and scroll function. The software MT Keys allow you to customize the Mousetrapper for your needs. With MT Keys, you can choose which functions the programmable buttons should have. Assign your most used commands to these buttons and work more efficiently!

Mousetrapper Advance 2.0


mousetrapper alpha

mousetrapper prime