NT Cutter

- Endeavoring to create new products meeting diversified needs.

NT cutter® brand has been known for its high-quality design and the finest quality blades for since 1959. In addition to the standard and heavy duty snap off utility knives, NT has a large lineup of specialty knives such as Snap-off Blade Utility Knives, Art Knives, etc.

  • Pioneer.. 
    In 1959, NT first introduced an innovative cutting tool snap-off knives in to market.
  • High quality.. 
    NT blades use the finest quality steel and provide the best balance of sharpness and long lasting life.
  • Professional..
    The NT cutter brand has been loved by the professionals and industrial users in more than 100 countries.
  • Mission.. 
    NT always stands for users point of view and produces the superior cutters and blades.

 Cooperation between NT and Despec have been lasting for ten years, Despec has a well-recognized distribution experiences and custom resources in North Europe, We believe that cooperate with Despec will not only bring larger market and profits but also enhance the brand reputation of NT products.