Optapad, Caring Ergonomics.

Optapad Nordic AB is a Swedish company that manufactures and sells ergonomic products. Optapad is passionate about developing, manufacturing and selling products that help its users to a better, more attractive and, above all, more ergonomic workplace.  

Many of us sit for many hours in front of the computer and injuries such as stiff backs and mouse arms have become a major problem for many. The solution to the problems is often easily accessible, it is often only a matter of having a varied working position and avoid sitting in a way that burdens the body unnecessarily.

Use Optapad to avoid mouse arm, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome

Optapad has products that are suitable for use both in the office and at the home workplace, the least common denominator is always that the product should help the user to a better, more sustainable work environment. Optapads' focus is to deliver the highest quality at a good price. Optapad manufactures the centered ergonomic mouse Optapad with a matching wired or wireless keyboard. OPTAPAD® is a new type of ergonomic mouse that combines optical technology with ergonomic design. It has a glass touchpad that is recognizable from smartphones and tablets, which makes handling easy and intuitive. With its wing-shaped wrist rests and the centered work surface, Optapad prevents and relieves tension, pain and aches in neck and shoulders.

Thanks to the ergonomic design, you get a good working position and a natural movement pattern. 

Some of the other products Optapad sells have other manufacturers, these manufacturers are selected based on their high standards in terms of quality, degree of innovation and environmental thinking. Among these products right now are mainly the portable standing table Get Up Desk and the activity board Gymba.