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Rapid is a Swedish brand, which produces office products and professional tool. The company was founded in 1936 in Sweden and is known for producing quality products locally in Sweden. Since 2010, Rapid has been a part of the Acco family, which also inlcudes brands such as Esselte and Leizt.

Rapid stands for high quality, expertise and happy customers. The Swedish heritage shows by the products' unique combination of functionality and simplicity with a classic design. In fact, some of the product series, which were designed for the first time back in the 1940ies are still top selling products within office products. That includes the world's best selling stapling plier "K1", which you can find at our webshop.
Staplers and stapling pliers for the office is produced in the same high standard as Rapid's professional tool, and the company's knowledge from both worlds are constantly used to innovate and optimize the products.

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