Rexel - the clever choice

Rexel was established in 1939 in Great Britain. At the beginning, the brand sold office products, but today focus is on office machines: Cutting machines and shredders. Rexel creates innovative and useful products, which ensure value for the user - each day.

Auto feed shredders

Auto feed shredders are practical, because they shred large stacks of papers at once. Generally speaking, they have a large capacity and are time saving as they shred more papers at a time combined with the fact that one doesn't have to wait at the shredder feeding it with papers. Just place the papers and close - the machines take care of the rest.



Manual shredders

Manual shredders are the ideal choice for the home office, the small and medium-sized companies as well as private households. Shredders can be used for disposing papers containing sensitive information such as social security numbers and information from the bank. Furthermore, a manual shredder contributes to complying with the European GDPR legislation.

Rexel Momentum

The Momentum models offer a long operating time and a security level between P3 (sensitive data such as addresses) and P5 (confidential personal, economic and strategical documents).

Rexel Mercury

The Mercury models are perfect for the office with up to 10 users. With a security level at P4 (account statements and confidential business documents), these are suitable for most companies.

Rexel Alpha / Style

The Alpha and Style models are the right choice for the smaller offices and the home office, where the amount of papers shredded at a time is limited.

cutting machines

Rexel offers cutting machines for every need - from the professional creative to the home office. Common to these is the fact that they are easy to use and deliver great results.


SmartCut  cutting machines

The cutting machines from the SmartCut series is designed for creative, professional use. The 4-i-1 machine can be used for making cards, brochures and much more.


ClassicCut cutting machines

The machines from the ClassicCut series is made for the desk or the home office. They are effective, safe and easy to use.