Safescan is a global company committed to providing businesses with smart, secure cash handling and workforce management tools, which increase their efficiency and profit.
Since 2004, Safescan has grown to serve hundreds of thousands of companies around the world.


Award-winning innovation

Safescan has won several international awards for its inventive products, and continue to innovate every day, developing new counterfeit detectors, money counters and time clock systems using the latest technology and usability design insights available. The company prides itself on creating some of the most intuitive user interfaces in the cash handling and time and attendance industries.


Discover the complete Safescan solutions

Optimize cash handling with the intelligent Safescan solutions. Verify, count,
sort and store cash with the wide range of counterfeit detectors, money counters
and cash drawers.


Powerful, easy and versatile

TimeMoto’s comprehensive time, attendance and scheduling solutions puts you in
total control of the time management of a company, bringing transparency for the whole team and efficiencies for the business.