The very best for our environment

"Sustainability is our aim"

Long before the emergence of the many eco-standards and environmental seals, STAEDTLER was already demonstrating corporate responsibility:

As a long-standing company, the use of innovative technology enables STAEDTLER to continually improve the efficiency of their processes and increases the lifetime of many of their products. And the result is product longevity, which in turn protects the environment.


Raw materials used responsibly

Made from upcycled wood

Thanks to STAEDTLER's exceptional manufacturing technology, we don´t need entire wooden boards to produce pencils. STAEDTLER upcycle even smallest by-products arising anyway from sawing and planning processes in the wood industry.

This procedure saves trees and gives wood leftovers an upgraded life as high-quality STAEDTLER pencils.

  • No complete wooden boards needed compared to regular production processes of pencils, usage of already arising by-products in wood production
  • STAEDTLER's production method compared to traditional production methods reduces wood waste significantly
  • Upcycling of raw material leftovers, prevents them from getting burned or thrown away
  • Certified wood: The upcycled wood originates from mainly German, PEFC-certified forests managed in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable manner.
  • Short supply routes: „Made in Germany“