Let’s all step up! Reduce health problems with Steppie 

A “Steppie” makes it possible for you to stand for longer periods of time.


Steppie provides a healthier environment at the office

Digitization has meant that we do not have to move much when working from the PC, which many of us do not do either. But… sedentary work is very damageable for the body - a well-documented fact.

It is exhausting to stand static. With Steppie Balance Board you stand a bit in motion, making it dynamic instead of static, making it more comfortably to sand at the desk – in fact for hours! Thus, minimizing the negative effects on the health, caused by physical inactivity.

Advantages of using Steppie


  • Reduces joint- and muscle pain caused by physical inactivity
  • Due to dynamic standing posture, you will not experience pain in feet and back when standing
  • Improves body posture
  • Circulation increases and gets improved
  • Reduces risks of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes
  • Fat burning increases; so much that if you replace 3 hours of sitting with standing every day throughout a year you have burned calories as if you had run 8-9 marathons during the year…!


Product copies are being traded, but not by Despec. Be aware of these as they can cause health problems.

The product copies are characterized by 2 different errors of constructions.

  • Can tilt backwards. Causes harmful posture by moving the weight towards the heels.
  • The surface is not flat but curved, causing overpronation.


Steppie is the original Balance Board, designed in Denmark by people with ergonomic knowledge. The products are being produced in Denmark and provides 10 years guarantee.

With Steppie Soft Top, the Steppie Balance Board is upgraded so that it is both a balance board and a relief mat. Included are 2 “clips”, making Steppie Soft Top easy to mount without any tools.


Steppie Desk Riser


Turn your ordinary table into an adjustable desk with Steppie Desk Riser. When placing the Desk Riser on a dining table, worktable or similar, you can easily adjust the table to your height.

By using the product, it becomes possible to switch between sedentary and standing work, which ensure health benefits for the user.

Products from Steppie creates the perfect setting for an ergonomic home workplace.


Product Catalogue (pdf)