Trust is a brand that offers accessory products that are smart and affordable and has a strong focus on sustainability. The broad assortment features peripherals designed for daily use, fulfilling the full range of business needs. As a global company, Trust is represented locally in all relevant countries to provide local support. Trust makes fair digital accessories the new norm. Fair for people. Fair for the planet. Fair prices.


The Trust Vision

The choices make each day truly matter. To be a driver for positive change,
that the products must be fairly produced and available to everyone.

The Trust Mission

Dedication to offering fair and affordable digital accessories to
everyone who wants to live-work-play in a clever and joyful way.

Trust is a brand offering quality, affordable products with dedicated B2B programs to support your business growth


Focus categories

Trust provides the most extensive range of mobile and PC accessories to suit every business need.

B2B exclusive range

Continous expansion of B2B exclusive product range, offering high quality products for businesses of all sizes.

Sustainable packaging

The B2B range is available in neutral, FCS-certified and easy-to-open packaging.

Pricing support

Flexibility for volume orders, bundles and promotions with a supportive and adaptive pricing structure.

Trust Partner Program

Please register to Trust Elevate (Partner Program) to get first hand information and see your potential benefits and register your BID’s. Read more >

The Trust assortment includes


Trust offers a wide variety of mice for laptop and PC. From wired to wireless to ergonomic design. The broad assortment ensures a suitable product for businesses of all sizes.



Trust have a wide portfolio of keyboards and desk sets for laptop and PC. The variety within the assortment ensures a suitable product for all businesses.



With the headsets from Trust nothing stands in the way of working comfortable and getting your message clearly across – whether you are working from home or at the office.



The new way of working requires an upgrade in the (home) office. Be flexible and professional at the same time, now that working from anywhere is becoming increasingly important.


Trust has a broad range of universal chargers for your laptop.


Trust offers quality 2.0 and 2.1 speakers for your hybrid working desk.

Hubs and docks

Connectivity Equals Productivity
Trust has a broad range of premium aluminium USB hubs and docks.

Fast charger made of 75% recycled material

Charge in no time with these powerful USB-C chargers that are compatible with any device with a USB-C connection. Maxo fast chargers come with extra long 2m USB-C cable for greater freedom and flexibility while charging. Say goodbye to clunky chargers and hello to the small and elegant Maxo - specially designed for a higher output in a smaller form.

  • Charger for both laptop and other devices with USB C connection
  • Available in three different versions, 45W, 65W and 100W
  • 2 meter USB-C cable included

Trust TKM-450 wireless keyboard & mouse

Work comfortably and in silence with the TKM-450 keyboard and mouse – the quietest keyboard and mouse the Trust has ever made. Made from 85% recycled materials.

  • Sustainable design
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Integrated wrist rest and soft keystrokes
  • Easily accessible media via buttons on the keyboard
  • Spill-resistant keys protect the keyboard from liquids

Sustainability at Trust - the commitment

Now and in the future, Trust wants to be a relevant and thriving company with a focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. At Trust, making fair digital accessories is the new norm. Fair for people. Fair for the planet. Fair prices. That’s why they are speeding up their sustainability efforts and are engaging and collaborating with retail and manufacturing partners to make clever changes in the production, operations and product range. In addition to Trust having several environmental certifications the B2B exclusive product range comes in sustainable, easy-to-open, brown boxed packaging. Read more


  • 37% in packaging reduction last year
  • Use of FSC Materials
  • Aim to be climate neutral bij 2030

  • Our purpose: Making fair digital accessories the new norm.
    Fair for people. Fair for the planet. Fair prices. 
  • Trust has a range of product made using recycled materials, ask us!