Established in 1902 as a sumi ink stick manufacturer in Japan, Kuretake has grown into a brand of quality artist tools for fine arts, illustration, graphic design, paper crafts, scrapbooking and signage.

Kuretake Co. Ltd. is family owned and all ZIG products are still made in Nara, Japan. ZIG is a registered trademark owned by Kuretake Co. Ltd.

The ZIG Memory System is designed for scrapbooking, journaling and cardmaking with water-based pigment ink to preserve treasured memories.

The ZIG Sign product line is versatile and highly suitable for decorating chalkboards, whiteboards, windows, mirrors and a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces, including plastic, metal and wood!


What Is Gansai Tambi?

Traditional Japanese pan watercolors for professional artists and crafters. It is recognizable by its vivid color and quick dissolution.

It fulfills the needs of many creators in their pursuit of beaty in their artwork.

100 beautiful Japanese colors included in this series. A wide range of vivid colors can be used without mixing colors.

Bold colors that are lightfast, so your drawing will remain vivid. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as sketching, illustration, sumi-e and more!



Various Expressions

Water-based pigment paint can be highly opaque when used solely as a gouache but can also become more transparent depending on the amount of water added for dilution. Kuretake’s more than 100 years of sumi ink making technology enables beautiful blotting.

Gansai Tambi metallic & pearl

A specialty series of Gansai Tambi in a variety of gorgeous, pearlescent and metallic colors.
It can be used for all kinds of works such as illustrations, paintings, calligraphy, brush lettering, and more.


Starry colors

Beautiful golden, pearl-tinted Gansai colors.They can be used to express a variety of shimmering effects such as elegance, or boldness and strength. These high-caliber watercolors are blendable and have a creamy-smooth feel that show up well on dark paper.


Pearl colors

6 lustrous Gansai in pearl colors. Enjoy the luminous glitter and pearlescent colors on either black or white paper.

Gem colors

Metallic-tinted Gansai that sparkle like gemstones. With excellent opacity, the deep colors embellish the paper and stand out boldly. By dissolving it with a small amount of water, it can color beautifully even on dark paper.

Opal colors

Gansai colors that reflect various color tones depending on the angle from which it is viewed. It shines in pale, pearly tones on white paper, and displays a strong, metallic color on dark-colored paper.



Be inspired by how @bahkadisch use our beautiful wooden anniversary box,
which contains 100 pieces of pigment-rich watercolours.





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