Welcome inside clean air!

Can you see the air you breathe? Let TruSens show you. TruSens monitors the air in the entire room, not just near the purifier and delivers clean air everywhere with 360 degree DuPont™ filtration. A beautiful display on the air purifier will show you a number, which indicates the air quality in the room.


The Leitz TruSens air purifiers ensure clean air in your home. The air purifier is available in 3 sizes, which cover 23, 35 and 70m2. The 2 large models have a unique SensorPod™, which measures the air quality in the entire room - not just near the air purifier.

The air purifier is a smart choice, if you or some one in your home/work place suffers from allergies or wants clean air with less airborne micro organisms such as viruses and bacteria.

Responds to your air

Clean air should be present in the entire room, not just near the air purifier. Place the unique SensorPod™ away from the air purifier, so the air quality is measured across the entire room. SensorPod™ air quality measurements become visible on the display, and in that way the air quality is quickly traced as being good, moderate or poor.

EPA air quality index:

  • 100+ : Poor
  • 50-100 : Moderate
  • 0-50 : Good

clean air in the entire room

The unique PureDirect™ technology sends air streams in two directions, while a 360 degree DuPont™ filtration simultaneously captures allergens such as pollen and pet hair.

The UV-lamp makes sure that airborne bacteria and viruses, which come into contact with the filter is not able to reproduce and spread even further.

4 Levels of Purification

The filter is at the core of purifying your air. The TruSens combination filter has been engineered to capture microscopic particles, volatile organic components (VOC’s), and odorous gases.


  • Washable Pre-Filter on Z-2000 and Z-3000 captures large particles such as dust and pet hair
  • Activated carbon – removes certain gases and odors from the air
  • HEPA filter – captures particulate matter down to 0.3 microns, smaller than a strand of hair
  • UV-C – reduces growth on the surface of the filter that can cause odors